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4M Technology

With rising complexity in building design, engineers, architects, drafters and construction managers increasingly need software that is easy to use but has the features they need for fast and accurate design.  That’s why for decades professionals around the world have been using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) software from 4M as their frontline tools in making their design concepts a reality.

Whether it’s for commercial or residential applications, CAD and BIM has never been so easy and affordable – so you can focus on innovation.

Why 4M?

Feature Rich

All 4M products offer an extensive range of features that you need to get the best results, regardless of the project at hand. Where 4M products really shine is in their ability to easily undertake calculations for sizing systems, determining loads, and specifying equipment - making them a “Calculating Master”. And all products are fully compliant with local and international standards.

Cost Savings & Flexible Pricing

We offer a powerful product set at a fraction of the cost of the market monopoly brands. Fully featured and ready to go. All that is required is a one-off payment for a perpetual license, no need for costly subscriptions.

Training & Support

4M products will be very familiar to use for users of the major brands and will require little or no additional training. But if you do need training and support BIM Generation will help you make the transition to 4M products.

Design Efficiency

4M products allows you to do design tasks simply and easily by facilitating your concepts, changing preferred layouts, updating changes and presenting digital representations before you print. Optimising design functionality saves time and helps to minimise mistakes.

Compatibility & Familiarity

It’s easy to make the move to 4M products, with negligible migration costs and layout familiarity that you’re used to if you are already using other the major software packages. You can easily import files in DWG and IFG formats from other CAD and BIM software and export to them in DWG for your partners and clients to use.