About Us

4M has been providing the engineering, construction and architecture community around the world with advanced BIM and CAD software since 1986.  With a user base of 35,000 customers in over 60 countries, 4M products are tried, tested and trusted.

BIM Generation is the exclusive representative for 4M products in Australia.  Our knowledge of their range of software products and our mechanical and design engineering experience make us the ideal partner to implement and support 4M products in your organisation.

Our Team

Vasilios Giotis


Vasilios is a professional mechanical engineer who has expert knowledge of HVAC systems. He has had many years of Australian and overseas experience in the sustainability field and has been involved in numerous energy projects. Vasilios believes that practical but innovative and sustainable engineering can contribute to a more ecological way of living. He has used an extensive suite of 4M products and understands how to get the best results from these powerful design tools.

Ray David


Ray has extensive commercial experience, having held a variety of marketing management positions.  He has undertaken numerous market research, analysis, planning and development projects and has a good understanding of the needs of CAD users in Australia.